Different Airlines – Same Routes – To Chicago with AA and BA – OTE: From Addison to Downtown – Riding the L

Different Airlines – Same Routes – To Chicago with American Airlines and British Airways
Or “Oh Sandy. You came and you gave without thinking….”


Time for a One Time Exception. For those of you new to these trip reports, a One-Time Exception is something that has nothing to with flying, but things to do on the ground, focusing on cheapish activities or tall buildings. This section got its name from a trip to Seoul I did some time ago… and it changed the blog for the better as it introduced a proper travel dynamic to the blog as opposed to a flying blog.

Or something like that.

One-Time  Exception – From Addison to Downtown on the L… the scenic way.
Price $2.25

During my trip, I had need to head to Addison to pick up some bits and bobs for my friends. On the way out, I took the Blue and Red Line – which is one hell of a boring way to do things. On the way back however, I decided to go a slower – and much more scenic way (and also end up in a part of town I needed to be in).

Picking up a Red Line Train at Addison, you’re greeted with Wrigley Field in the background.

Passenger information screen carrying information as opposed to adverts.

Wait long enough and eventually a train might arrive.

With only a couple of stops between this and my change point, I stood up, watching the world go by

I love how they still build exterior stairs out of wood…

As the train pulled into Fullerton, I took my leave of the Red Line service as I needed to be elsewhere on around the Loop (and avoid the State Street Subway). This is where I made the switch to the Brown Line

Brown line to the Loop…

Going this way, you are running a lot slower than the Red Line, but you do get some great views on the way, whilst seeing the differences between the downtown core and parts of the city that are just a mile or less away.

on a curve

Of course, to get to the Loop, this route also gives a great view of the Chicago River and the downtown core.

As I needed get out at Washington and Wells (as I needed to get to the Boeing store to pick up a few things for people), I left the train here.

Overall: For the price of a CTA fare ($2.25), there are some great views to be had from a tourist’s perspective and if read around the stops and the areas, local history too.

The fact I got to where I needed to be is the point of public transit… and a system that almost works.

Now you’ll notice that the weather was overcast in these photos. Later, it turned into cold rain. And headed west to meet a hot heat of a Superstorm… or what the press on Saturday were calling a Frankenstorm.

Its name – one that a lot of people would rue – Sandy.

Next: Dealing with Sandy, or how I memorised the version of “Flower Duet” British Airways have as hold music in Trials, Tribulations and Sandy


  1. phraktur says

    Ugh, I wish I knew you were in town. I live right near where the Brown Line crosses the river. I would have treated you to drinks or dinner.

  2. says

    pharktur, I’m sure I’ll be back in Chicago sooner rather than later.

    And if it’s later, I’ll be around in April 😉

    Thanks for reading :)