Gogo ceases issuing fake certificates – and why it matters

Youtube working with the correct Google SSL Certificates

Note from Kevin: Parts of this article were first published on Runway Girl Network at http://www.runwaygirlnetwork.com/2015/01/13/gogo-no-longer-issuing-fake-google-ssl-certificates/. I encourage you to visit Runway Girl Network for unique analysis in the Passenger Experience field. For those of you who use Gogo in the air will notice that YouTube is accessible again (as I … [Read more...]

How do you get that air-to-air photo?

I was browsing Youtube just before heading to bed.. when I found this video with Aviation Photographer Jessica Ambats on how she works with the pilots and others to get some (quite frankly) amazing photos. Here's her video: And as a photographer in my remaining minutes of the day, I can see a lot of this and understand the work that goes into these. To paraphrase … [Read more...]

Things NOT to do when missing a flight…

Can be summed up in this Youtube Video: From the YouTube Video: "A Chinese official was caught on video losing his temper after he missed his scheduled flight at Changshui International Airport. A man and his wife were captured on surveillance video preparing to board their flight in China. Although everything starts out routine at first, it doesn't take long for the … [Read more...]

The Belly of the Beast

Whilst there is no Safety Video Saturday this week (I'm a bit busy this week as I've got a few other things going on), one of the things I'm going to try with GhettoIFE is to take you to places you don't normally get to, with some insight This will be semi-regular, but I hope run one thing a month or so. For this week's adventure... what happens when you strap a camera to … [Read more...]

ORDXIII – First batch of images live, YouTube videos live

Well, I'm back at my day job now that ORDXIII is over. But the fun of this trip (like all trips), it just keeps on giving. I'm aiming to get this trip report out as fast as possible, least of all it has some relevance to Hurricane Sandy, and how one airline got me out of a hole - twice, and how one hotel was pulling strings if I needed them to. So, lots to write and not … [Read more...]

London is still calling according to BA….

Remember the British Airways advert that hit before the Olympics where you could drive a 777 past your house? Well, there's a a follow up - cut down slightly thanking you for following TeamGB/ParalympicsGB and being the #HomeAdvantage over the Olympic and Paralympic games now the flames are extinguished. Yes, it's a rehash of the old advert, but it's still a darn good … [Read more...]

Wild landings at Bilbao

There have been wild winds at Bilbao in Spain that have... well... look at the video below. There's some pilots who flew in there today who have really earned their wages... … [Read more...]

Japan/Asia 2012 Trip – More pictures and Videos Online!

As my body hasn't adjusted to any time zone change this trip (and trust me - it's rather annoying), I've been busy uploading content for the trip report. And there's a LOT of it. Preparing for the off - http://www.photoblog.com/kevincm/2012/02/19/preparing-for-the-off.html To Birmingham Airport, Birmingham to Frankfurt with BMI (Lufthansa) … [Read more...]

ANA International 787 – Pictures and Videos

I'm in the process of uploading my pictures from my trip in progress. Alas, the ANA 787 portion is dominating the coverage at the moment (like anyone couldn't guess that was going to happen!). And I've got myself into gear and uploaded the first trance of stuff to this trip. PICTURES: Preparing for the off- … [Read more...]

What happens to you luggage when it leaves your hands?

Delta answers the question with a Video of what happens when your bag disappears down the luggage belt and off into the blue wild yonder of an airport luggage sorting system Of course, this is to plug their baggage tracking function they have in the Fly Delta App. I swear this is missing something. Like the pile of TSA tape and the free throwing around some bags … [Read more...]