Safety Video Saturday: All Nippon Airways

It's Saturday again, so please place your luggage in the overhead bin, bring your seat in the upright position, stow your tray table and fasten your keyboard as we go to this week's safety video. Yes, after a short break - Safety Video Saturday is back for a week. This week, we take a look at All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-300 safety video - with more of the Inspiration of … [Read more...]

Cabin safety? The crew of LH953 have heard of it.

LH953 Lack of Safety

Good morning from Frankfurt Airport.. Where I'm rather concerned about a major carrier today after the performance they put in. That carrier's in question: Lufthansa. We've all done boarding producers in the past - get on the plane, stow luggage, find seat, and sit in safety for the next few hours. And this is what I was expecting aboard LH953 from Birmingham to … [Read more...]

UK24: A Visualisation of UK Air Traffic

When flying into the UK and flying into one of the major hubs (such as Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester), it's not unusual to be put into a stack or seemingly go around the houses until you reach your destination. NATS have released previous visualisations of the traffic that flies into and above the UK - and have provided a tour of the United Kingdom - and what goes on during … [Read more...]

Hotel backs down from £100 charge for a negative review

Tripadvisor Broadway Hotel

The Broadway Hotel in Blackpool whipped up a storm with it charging £100 if people placed negative reviews on TripAdvisor. Well it seems the hotel has had a change of heart according to the BBC, who will refund the £100 charge. The hotel said in a statement: "We exercised this policy with Mr and Mrs Jenkinson as we felt extremely upset by their actions and insulting … [Read more...]

Couple fined £100 for leaving a bad review on TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor Broadway Hotel

TripAdvisor is a nice resource for those who want some views on a property, location or general travel content.  Although it seems that a British couple got stung for leaving a negative review at The Broadway Hotel, Blackpool. The £100 "fine" was levied at the hotel for leaving negative comments on TripAdvisor  - although the hotel could be rolling in it with the negative … [Read more...]

Alaska Airlines to add a Seattle to Washington-IAD service

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 - Image, Economy Class and Beyond

Alaska Airlines are adding a 4th flight to the between Seattle and the Washington DC area, with the addition of a daily flight to Washington Dulles International Airport. Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 taxing at Chicago O'Hare - Image, Economy Class and Beyond The daily return service begins in March 2015, with the following timetable offered: AS728 DEPART SEA 09:20 ARRIVE … [Read more...]

Airbus to develop an upgraded Beluga transporter

A350 first wing despatch at Broughton. Pictured: wing being transported into Beluga - Image, Airbus.

Airbus has a way of shifting stuff around its sites from its different engineering bases to its assembly plants - and that using a specially modified Airbus A300 - the A300-600ST... or as it became more commonly known, the Airbus Beluga The Airbus Beluga swallowing an Airbus A350 wing - Image, Airbus Airbus uses the Beluga fleet to transport large and outsized components … [Read more...]

Etihad 49% purchase of Alitalia cleared

Alitalia Airbus A321 approaching Heathrow Airport - Image Economy Class and Beyond

Etihad's 49% purchase of Alitalia was cleared by the European Commission on Friday. Etihad Boeing 777 - Image, Economy Class and Beyond Alitalia Airbus A321 - Image Image, Economy Class and Beyond The European Commissions rubber stamp is the final hurdle to the purchase that was announced in August, in which Etihad is to pump €387.5 million into the airline. For Eithad, … [Read more...]

Last Week on Economy Class and Beyond

Economy Class and Beyond

So another week has passed, and what have you missed on Economy Class and Beyond? I wrote about a time when I needed to contact an airline over a fare. With 48k of Avios and 1340 Tier Points on the line on a public fare, it seemed the right thing to do. In Networks, Finnair added Chicago to its destination list, Qatar goes daily to Edinburgh, British Airways to take … [Read more...]