Airplane Art – Emirates Boeing 777-200LR

Emirates Boeing 777-200LR - Image, Economy Class and Beyond

It's Sunday again, so it must be time for some more airplane art. This week, in the warming spring evening sun an Emirates Boeing 777-200LR at Chicago O'Hare, as it loads up for the return flight back Dubai. Emirates operate a fleet ten Boeing 777-200LRs - the long range variant of the Boeing 777 family on their world-wide network. Emirates will be introducing … [Read more...]

Safety Video Saturday – Air France

Air France

It's Saturday, so please stow your luggage in the overhead bin, put away your tray table and fasten your seat belt as we go to this week's safety video. This week - it's the new safety video from Air France. A stylish video here, with a few fashion twists... and a few modern notes. In no smoking, e-cigs are shown as a … [Read more...]

Delta to launch a daily Manchester (UK) to New York JFK

Delta Manchester New York Service

Proving my point there are other places in the United Kingdom than London (I know, it's an amazing fact, but there it is), Delta will be launching a service between Manchester and New York JFK on the 21st May 2015. The service from New York commences on the 21st May and from Manchester UK on the 22nd May.The route will be operated with a Boeing 757-200, and will operate on … [Read more...]

Germanwings 4U9525 – Airlines react

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 00.08.13

The news that came out today from the French Investigators today was not what anyone wanted to hear, and that was the confirmation of The New York Times story that broke last night - the captain of the plane left the cockpit, and was locked out of it by the first officer. The Marseille's public prosecutor confirmed the co-pilot was alone during the fateful flight descent … [Read more...]

Book it Danno! JFK Omnishambles

Hawaii Trip Report Logo

Book it Danno! JFK Omnishambles Index: A Rock, A Hard Place and Tier Points To Birmingham Airport, Ryanair FR693 Birmingham to Dublin A morning around Dublin Dublin Airport, BA4467 Dublin Airport to London City Airport Travelodge, London City Airport A Morning at London City Airport British Airways BA001 London City Airport - Shannon, Shannon to New … [Read more...]

Emirates to serve Orlando, adds second Seattle Service

Emirates Dubai to Orlando

Emirates continues to expand its services to the USA - much to the chagrin of US carriers, with the expansion of its service from Dubai to Seattle, and the introduction of services between Dubai and Orlando. Dubai to Orlando Dubai to Orlando will be a new service for Emirates, which will commence operations on the route from the 1st September 2015 The planned flights … [Read more...]