Black Friday in the UK

One of those imports that I can take or leave, is the over-promotion of Black Friday in the United Kingdom. The US readers will well be aware of it... but what's going on in the UK? For some of the best deals to watch, HotDeals UK is not a bad place to start. Most of the major retailers are in on the act with Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys are in on the act, with the department … [Read more...]

Snapshot: Lufthansa Short Haul

NEK Seating - Lufthansa

On my way back and forth from FTU Amsterdam (which if you missed, was a great event. Very little credit card selling going on...) I had the... pleasure (is that the right word? It's a word. Close enough in this discussion) of flying Lufthansa and its NEK - (Neue Europa Kabine). NEK seats to the rest of the world are slimline seats So, how is it? The seat is the same … [Read more...]

American fights back… joins in the Philadelphia to London tussle

American Airlines Boeing 757-200 - Image GhettoIFE

American Airlines appears to be fighting back after Delta announced their intention to operate a Philadelphia to London Heathrow service... with a second daily service to be operated by the airline. American Airlines Boeing 757-200 taxing at New York JFK Airport - Image, Economy Class and Beyond The flight will be a daytime operation, operating daily on the following … [Read more...]

Airplane Art Extra: NokScoot’s first Boeing 777-200

NokScoot Boeing 777 Aircraft

NokScoot - the new Low Cost Carrier operated as a joint venture between NokAir (partially owned by Thai Airways) and Scoot (a Singapore Airlines subsidiary) have rolled out their first Boeing 777 painted in the combined operation colours... And... well. It has of lots of Scoot's colour scheme, with Nok's painted bird nose cone. The full bird - Image via NokScoot's … [Read more...]

Delta to head from Philadelphia to London…

Delta PHL to LHR Route

It seems that there's going to be some competition on London and Philadelphia as a new competitor moves in the route - currently dominated by US Airways/American Airlines and British Airways. And that new carrier... is Delta. A Delta 767-300ER landing at Dublin Airport - Image, Economy Class and Beyond Delta will operate the route daily from 7th April 2015, based … [Read more...]

Last Week on Economy Plus and Beyond

Economy Class and Beyond

It's been a bit quiet at Economy Class and Beyond as I've spent the week getting ready and delivering presentations at Frequent Traveler University this weekend... but here's what I've covered this week: In airline news, Etihad got the approval by the European Commission to take over Alitalia. In new purchases, Delta has been busy, and turned to Airbus for its next … [Read more...]

Airplane Art – American Airines Airbus A330-200

American Airlines/US Airways A330-200. Image, Economy Class and Beyond.

It's Sunday again, and it must be time for some more airplane art. This week, sitting in the sun on a Frankfurt morning is an American Airlines Airbus A330-200 awaiting its next duty. Hold it? An American Airlines A330-200? As the merger continues, the new American is painting up its planes into the "new" American Airlines livery. This is but one of … [Read more...]

Safety Video Saturday: All Nippon Airways

It's Saturday again, so please place your luggage in the overhead bin, bring your seat in the upright position, stow your tray table and fasten your keyboard as we go to this week's safety video. Yes, after a short break - Safety Video Saturday is back for a week. This week, we take a look at All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-300 safety video - with more of the Inspiration of … [Read more...]