Heathrow Terminal 1 – Who’s left?


When I passed through Heathrow Terminal 1 earlier this year... it was pretty much a ghost town. Well it seems the place is going get a lot quieter as the last Star Alliance Airlines begin to move out. The last of the Star Alliance airlines remianing - Air New Zealand, Asiana Airlines, TAP Portugal and South African Airways will move over to Terminal 2 on the 22nd October … [Read more...]

Learning to adjust plans


Sometimes when travelling, it's important to know your options, as well as being able to adjust plans as needed. Written from the T5 arrivals lounge So - about adjusting plans. When I got to O'Hare yesterday, I had two options - take the direct flight to Manchester or go on the Heathrow flight. Now, Birmingham (where I live in the UK), is for all intents and purposes … [Read more...]

Another round of Lufthansa strikes in progress

Lufthansa Airbus A321 RetroJet - Image, Economy Class and Beyond

Bad news for those who wish to travel on the German flag carrier - Lufthansa, who will be suffering another strike at the hands of the Vereinigung Cockpit pilots union. In the past, entire parts of the airline, or sections of the group have been grounded. This time, specific aircraft types will be the focus of the actions with: A320 series pilots Boeing 737 … [Read more...]

Qatar Airways to send their first A350 to Frankfurt

Qatar Airways Airbus A350 XWB

Qatar Airways have confirmed the first route the airline is to use their new Airbus A350 is to be Frankfurt. Qatar Airways Airbus A350 XWB - Images, Qatar Airways. The airline is planning to run the route from Early January 2015, replacing existing aircraft on the route. Both rotations between Doha and Frankfurt will be switched to the new A350, with QR067/068 making … [Read more...]

Snapshot: AA55 Manchester to Chicago

AA55 - Luggage charging at Manchester Airport

Whilst the BAcon trip report is still loading, I'm actually down-route on another trip right now. So in the tradition of previous pre-trip reports, I'm introducing something new - called "Snapshot". You'll find them very soon after an event or a flight, and it's a taster of the upcoming trip report. Manchester Airport hasn't changed that much - even after the last time I … [Read more...]

Safety Video Saturday – Etihad Airways A320

It's Saturday again, so please bring your seat into the upright position, ensure your luggage is in the overhead in or under the seat in front of you, and stow your tray table as we go to this week's safety video. This week, we have Etihad Airways who have got a lovely computer generated safety video for their Airbus A320 fleet... in a bi-lingual … [Read more...]