SNAPSHOT – Qatar Airways A350 in Economy Class


I've teased enough... so it's time for a quick snapshot of so, time for a quick snapshot of the Qatar Airways A350. First Impressions: Unlike is older bigger brother (the A380), this thing strikes a mix of a sleek design... and that badass sunglasses visor it has. Nice combo... and it works. That and the curvature of the wingtip looks pretty good to me. … [Read more...]

Airplane Art – Qatar Airways Airbus A350

Qatar Airways Airbus A350

It's Sunday (well Monday in Tokyo, but time is an illusion a person once said), so it must be time for some more airplane art. Well, what else could it be? Sitting in the sun of a Frankfurt afternoon is a Qatar Airways Airbus A350 preparing for its return journey to Doha... with your writer who boarded the plane later. Qatar Airways currently have four of these new … [Read more...]

So why am I at Frankfurt Airport?

Qatar Airways A350 - Image, Economy Class and Beyond

Well it isn't to plane spot. Nor is it for a joy ride (the last time I had joy-rides here, I've either dashed in an out of the airport for 10 minutes, or I've been stuck for hours on end waiting a missed connection. This time, its something different - the start of a Japanese Adventure. And it begins with one of these this afternoon. Yes, A Qatar Airways Airbus … [Read more...]

Frankfurt Airport *does* have free Wifi…. and it works…

Frankfurt Airport Flapperboard depature board

Good morning/afternoon/I've lost the plot on time zones from Frankfurt Airport. Frankfurt Airport Flapperboard departure board - Image, Economy Class and Beyond It seems Frankfurt Airport has finally got onto the bandwagon of offering free at through the terminals at last. In the past, this was limited to 30 minutes or so via a ridiculous signup method that required you … [Read more...]

The joy of bussing… at Heathrow (or the hell of Gate T5-A10)


Good morning from Terminal 5, where I'm pondering what designer built this wonderful place... because there are certainly never enough gates at Terminal 5. Why? I'm at everyone's non-favourite gate at Terminal 5 - A10.  For the uninitiated, T5-A10 is the bussing gate at Terminal 5A - for when an airline runs out of gates. And it's a miserable place to be. And … [Read more...]

Malaysia Airlines downgrades its Paris route to a Boeing 777

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 at London Heathrow - Image GhettoIFE

Malaysia Airlines is hurting - lets make no bones about it. It's changing routes around (with severe cuts in Asia), and is now looking at its route map further afield, with its Kuala Lumpur to Paris Charles De Gaulle route taking a cut. Currently, the route is operated by an Airbus A380. This will be downgraded from the 4th August 2015 to a Boeing 777-200ER. Malaysia … [Read more...]

The Davis Commission suggests a 3rd Runway at Heathrow

Heathrow Complex from above - Davis Commission

Well, as if not many of us could guess the result, the Davis Commission has released its report today (Warning: Heavy Reading) on the need of a new runway in the South East of England, which recommended a 3rd runway should be built at London Heathrow Airport. Heathrow Airport at Takeoff, Image - Economy Class and Beyond So you think that's it - get the diggers in … [Read more...]