United juggles its fleet, signs on for Boeing 777-300ERs

United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER landing at Heahtrow - Image, Economy Class and Beyond.

United Airlines updated its first quarter guidance yesterday, and whilst there was talk of profit, there was also some interesting news about the fleet movements in the airline. United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER landing at Heathrow - Image, Economy Class and Beyond. The biggest note of interest is that United will swap 10 of its 787 orders for 10 Boeing 777-300ER … [Read more...]

Japanese Maglev train breaks the 600km/h speed barrier

The quest for faster train travel continues with JR Central taking their Superconducting Maglev Train to 603kmh (or roughly 374.6mh). The L0 Test Shinkasen - Image, JR Central/Yamanashi Linear Museum via Twitter 603km/h... that's pretty hard to imagine. Let's put this into context verses "conventional" rail The UK InterCity 125 = 125mph / 201km/h The US … [Read more...]

The most interesting Premium Economy Seat? Maybe!

Stelia Aerospace Celeste Premium Economy/Regional Business Seat

At Airline Interiors Expo, I saw a lot of different seats. And I mean I saw a lot. From business class seats to Economy seats made of carbon - I saw a lot of seats (and there's more to share over the next few days). However, there was a real stand-out seat in Premium Economy that grabbed my attention by Stelia Aerospace... and amazingly, it isn't a Business class or a First … [Read more...]

EasyJet takes delivery of its 250th Airbus Aircraft

easyJet takes delivery of its 250th Airbus aircraf Image, (C) Christian Brinkmann Airbus

Easyjet continue to swell their Airbus fleet with the delivery of the 250th Airbus A320 family aircraft. EasyJet 250th Airbus A320 family aircraft - Image, Airbus. The 250th Airbus A320 Family aircraft EasyJet has taken delivery of is the lead member of the family - the A320 - equipped with Sharklets and a unique paint job towards the rear of the fuselage - the number … [Read more...]

Norwegian Air Shuttle adds Puerto Rico and Las Vegas to its network

Norwegian Boeing 787 - Image, Norwegian Air Shuttle CC3.0

Whilst the legacy carriers continue to moan about the growth of Norwegian Air Shuttle, the airline is going about its merry way, with a slew of new routes announced to be operated with its Boeing 787 fleet. This time, the bright lights of Las Vegas are in Norwegians sights, along with the warm beaches of Puerto Rico with a service to San Juan. Norwegian Boeing 787 - … [Read more...]

British Airways increases its London City to Dublin Frequency

BA4467 - Dublin Airport

With the competition of FlyBe now no longer of concern, British Airways is increasing its services between London City Airport and Dublin Airport. British Airways Embraer E-190 at Dublin Airport - Image, Economy Class and Beyond. British Airways CityFlyer will boost its services to six times a day during the week, with a new flight pair of BA4469/BA4470 from the 1st … [Read more...]

The PED Pouch: GhettoIFE taken to its limit?

PED Pouch

As you all know, I'm an advocate of iPhones in sick bags when there's poor quality In-Flight Entertainment around. I call this concept "GhettoIFE". You can find out about it here. However, it's not great for larger devices - such as tablets. However, it seems designers (and people with a lot more money) have stepped in. Enter Avio Interiors who have released something … [Read more...]

20% off National Express Coach Tickets

Coach at The Station, Manchester Airport

At Economy Class and Beyond Towers, I use National Express way too much for my liking. A National Express Coach at Manchester Airport Why? Whilst the train network is not bad at all, it does come with a major downside - in that it shuts down at night. Alas most of my positioning to London or Manchester is done in the dead of the night. Whilst National Express … [Read more...]

Lumexis introduces a low cost IFE system for low cost carriers

Lumexis iPAD IFE system

We've all been aboard planes where there has been no power or no In flight entertainment aboard. Some of this is down to the cost of these system. Combined with the weight of the systems, these can put airlines off installing any sort of IFE system. Well, it seems Lumexis has come up with a low-cost solution with its iPAX IFE solution. The Lumexis iPAX is a Wireless IFE … [Read more...]