It’s that time again – *FREE* KLM Luggage tags!!!

And after much moaning, it seems KLM is once again offering it's EXCELLENT Free luggage tag offer - and this time, its available to the United Kingdom!Cheer you may as you can upload your own pics, populate the tags, and off you go - and they last... about 3 years or so (with regular use... and the help of an office laminator).So what are you waiting for? Head off to … [Read more...]

Bad dog! gets in the kennel…

One of the things some frequent fliers like to do is "trick" or try to legally avoid paying certain fees. Like all good wheezes, you needed to have a brain and the ability to use it when calculating your fare, ticket, and if you'd be able to make it (and they're not getting a link - because they're a bunch of idiots) it seems have been skimming sites … [Read more...]

KLM offering £7.50 cashback *per booking*

If you're booking with KLM and you're doing a few short hops, now could be the time to lock those tickets in as Quidco are doing £7.50 cashback per booking.  If you're doing lots of short EU hops, this could be quite fruitful for a few extra clicks - try Expires: Sunday 4th April(Of course.. you have to have Quidco account... ;)) … [Read more...]

Airplane p0rn – BMI A319

It's that time of the week again for more airplane p0rn!This week - it's an BMI Airbus A319 taxing at Heathrow(and yes, there are two buses there.. of sorts)More airplane p0rn next week! … [Read more...]

Strike Season continues – National Rail Strike imminent…

Well if it isn't BA, Lufthansa, or ATC controllers, it has to be the railways. In particular, the The RMT and the Transport Salaried Staffs' Association (TSSA) are planning four days of action from 6 April, that in theory could close the national rail network.This is down to proposals to cut 1,500 jobs and changes which would see more work being done in the evenings and … [Read more...]

Off to Strike again…

It's coming up to the second BA Strike, so here's a breakdown of what is expected to be hit. LCYExpected to operate as normal. LGWExpected to operate as normal.LHRLong Haul: 70%Short Haul: 55%There will be infill from 3rd party carriers (Ryanair to name one others to follow)  Good luck if you're travelling this weekend. … [Read more...]

Hotel Booking engines… or a lesson in madness….

So I'm looking at a cheap hotel on my way from Frankfurt to Atlanta.  In this case - whilst some would say "get a hostel bed" to minimise the costs to nothing, my polite response is "kindly take a hike".So I'm in the £40/€40 a night bracket. In this case, points are not the priority, rather just a crashpad to go in, snooze, fall out of bed and catch the flight on the next … [Read more...]

UK issues new passport guidelines for Israel – a few tips you need to do for yourself

With the recent unpleasantness that has ended with a Israeli diplomat from the UK, it serves as a reminder to look after your passport a bit more.The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has updated their advice regarding travel to the region:Quote:UK passport holders should be aware of a recent Serious Organised Crime Agency investigation into the misuse of UK passports in the … [Read more...]

So who has been helping BA out? Step forward… umm.. Ryanair???

Sometimes airlines do see eye-to-eye.To bring in capacity over the weekend since the first BA strike, British Airways turned to Ryanair of all companies to provide capacity. And for once they were happy to help out! Over the strike period, 24 flights a day (72 in total) were operated by Ryanair from London Gatwick.The Odious Little Man, normally quick to snipe at anyone … [Read more...]

Trip Report: Long way home – The Spring Commute with United and Continetal

Long Way Home - The Spring Commute (LHR-IAD-ORD-CMH-IAD-EWR-LHR)Yet another Y Class spectacular with United and Continental.Previously...LHR-BRU-LHR ... or "How do you burn a £50 BMI voucher without too much pain?"MAN-ORD on BMI (29/10 ... or Did Kevin Make it to ORD?)Kevin goes for a little mileage run on UA - ORD/CHM/IAD/EWR/ORDORD-MAN in BMI Premium Economy (with … [Read more...]