Still on the Ground…

... As slot control is in full effect. The joy of BHX and FRAMeanwhile outside....- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone - apologies for the spelling! … [Read more...]

UA/CO: US Justice department says yes…

The merger of Continental and United continues apace, with the US Justice Department not raising any objections or memos to the merger.Of course, there was a small price to pay - the leasing of 18 slot pairs at Newark International to Southwest airlinesWith clearance from the EU, the DoJ, only State Department and the Department of Transport have the final chances to stop the … [Read more...]

Airplane p0rn – Asiana Boeing 747-400

It's Sunday again, so it must be time for some more airplane p0rn.This week, and somehow relevant considering the traveling that will be taking place shortly is an Asiana Boeing 747-400 at the gate at Chicago O'Hare InternationalMore next week - and hopefully a lot more new content! … [Read more...]

KQ: 787 Fallout – Kenyan considering switch to A330

Well things are slowly going from bad to worse for Boeing with the latest delay to the first commercial flight of the 787 platform.To the point where Kenyan Airlines are seriously considering a switch from their 787 order Airbus A330's - and the discussions are open according to a Kenyan Airways represetivitive talking to ATW.Or if at Boeing HQ these words could be the ones I … [Read more...]

Airplane p0rn EXTRA – BA A320 and The Battle of Britain Flight

And time for a very special Airplane p0rn extra picture, celebrating The Battle of Britain, with a British Airways A320 carrying veterans of the Battle of Britain, flanked by a Spitfire and HurricaneImage - BBC News, British Airways. - flight was organised by The Battle of Britain Society, Flown with British Airways in cooperation with … [Read more...]