KQ: 787 Fallout – Kenyan considering switch to A330

Well things are slowly going from bad to worse for Boeing with the latest delay to the first commercial flight of the 787 platform.

To the point where Kenyan Airlines are seriously considering a switch from their 787 order Airbus A330’s – and the discussions are open according to a Kenyan Airways represetivitive talking to ATW.

Or if at Boeing HQ these words could be the ones I don’t want to hear:

“Yes, I would dare canceling the [787] order,” he said. “If [Boeing] can’t deliver, we will cancel. We will take a decision [on whether to] go with Airbus or stay with Boeing before the end of the year.”

That’s gotta smart.

The 9 aircraft that are on order are now in the balance due to the delay in the first deliveries of the 787 to ANA. This was orignally an order for 6 aircraft with 6 options, with 3 of the options converted into orders.

Boeing so far has declined to assist in 767 refits to tide Kenyan over or provide other compensation, forcing Kenyan to start looking elsewhere.

All it needs for one of the Gulf state carriers to have a paddy over the 787 delays, and everything could hit the fan again for Boeing and the 787 project.