Cairo: BMI and BA update travel advice, FCO advice constant.

Well, we all know the press are reporting how things are in Egypt.

BMI has updated it’s booking advice and flight times for BD771/BD772 for the next few days. See with a stop in Beurit for a crew change. Rebookings are being accepted to the end of March.

British Airways in the meantime has modified it’s travel advice with flights operating within curfew hours, but add rebookings are now accepted to end of February, but also to cancel the booking for full refund, or use the value of the ticket to toward the purchase of a new ticket to any other destination. Sharm El Sheikh remains open for now.

For other carriers, check their website or contact their call centre as you may be able to cite any travel to Cairo as a reason to change your ticket.

The Forigen and Commonwealth Office advise:

We advise against all but essential travel to Cairo (all four governorates, including Giza), Alexandria, Luxor and Suez.  The nationwide curfew has been extended from 1500-0800 local time.  We recommend that British nationals without a pressing need to be in Cairo, Alexandria or Suez leave by commercial means where it is safe to do so.  British nationals in other areas of Egypt where there are demonstrations should follow the advice below and stay indoors wherever possible. 

Again – if you have issues with your carrier – cite the FCO advice.

Good luck and safe travels