BA/BD: Flight to TIP suspended.

Both British Airways and British Midland International have suspended their Tripoli operations due to the unrest in the area.

For BMI this is very bad news as the service litrally begun the day before.

Both BA and British Airways have updated their travel information. Check before you set off

Meanwhile, the FCO has updated it’s advice for Libya:

  •  We recommend against all but essential travel to Libya. Those without a pressing need to remain in the country, should leave by commercial means if it is safe to do so. British Nationals requiring assistance or further advice can call the Foreign Office on 020 7008 1500 from the UK or 021 3403644/45 from Libya.
  •  There will be no British Airways flight from Tripoli to London on 22 February. Commercial flights are available from Tripoli airport. However, the majority of airport offices in Tripoli are closed until further notice. We advise British Nationals who wish to leave Libya but cannot purchase tickets online to travel to the airport carrying sufficient cash to buy tickets. Problems with internet connections in Libya mean that electronic payments may not be accepted.
  •  The Consular Section at the British Embassy is closed. British Nationals who need an Emergency Travel Document or other urgent consular assistance should telephone the Embassy on 00218 21 340 3645. The Embassy will be open for the issue of passports from 08:00 -17:00.
  •  We have been notified by the Libyan Immigration Authorities that foreign nationals are now able to leave Libya without securing an exit visa. We have not received any reports that British Nationals being held up at airport immigration because of the lack of an exit visa.
  • Political demonstrations are continuing in Tripoli and across Libya, including in Benghazi, Derna and Al Bayda in the East of Libya and Misurata and Zawiya in Western Libya. Security forces have been deployed and there are reports of clashes and the use of violence , including water cannon, live ammunition and tear gas, to disperse crowds. You should avoid political gatherings and demonstrations and respect any advice or instruction from the local security authorities. We advise all British Nationals unable to leave to stay indoors wherever possible.
  •  You should follow the news on TV and radio and not go out in areas where demonstrations are taking place. British organisations in Libya should consider deploying contingency plans.
  •  The Embassy in Tripoli has received reports of increased crime levels in Libya during the recent unrest. British Nationals in Libya should ensure that their homes and possessions are secured and avoid non-essential travel, especially after dark.
  •  We have also received reports of attacks on company compounds in areas close to towns and cities. Companies with staff working in these compounds should make an evaluation of the security measures that they have in place and their level of supplies. If adequate security remains in place, workers may be safer remaining on site. If not, companies should consider leaving their compound and making preparations to move their staff out of Libya, if it is safe to do so. 


Keep safe.