Sri Lanka to charge for Visas….

If it isn’t Australia or the United States of America, it’s now Sri Lanka who will be charging for Visas.

So if you’re heading there from 1st January 2012,  you’ll need one. Head to and be prepared to cough up the following:

  • US$50 for tourists (a double-entry month-long permit)
  • US$60 for business travellers (business people multiple-entry)
  • US$25 for transit passengers (7 day single entry).
  • Exemptions for Singapore and The Malidevies Passport Holders
  • For visits longer than a month, additional visa fees are payable, varying from country to country.

You’ll need to apply for it before you depart as it requires time to process. Note that if you do not quality for an ETA, you don’t get your money back. Which is a ripoff.  You’ll also be able to get it from an agent or a 3rd party, but they’ll probably add a fair few pennies for what you can do yourself.

This will secure you  your ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation). Wait a shake.. ETA.. that’s familiar from somewhere… Hello USA….

Rummy Jauffer of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau says

“A processing fee to get a visa is already in operation in many other countries including Europe and the American continent,”

“So that’s not going to be a major problem at all. Welcome to Sri Lanka.”

Of course, if anyone thinks security isn’t an issue, you’d be wrong.  With the recent war a fresh memory, there is the desire to keep an eye who enters the country, so a thinly veiled security agenda in the background as with any system like this.

So if you’re planning to head in that direction, just be warned you’ll need to plan a bit better if you want an off-the-cuff visit if you’re in the region.

Oh, and like I did for the ESTA post, for the visa it’s:


  1. says

    Just in time for our visit this winter. We were debating whether to do New Years in Kochi or Sri Lanka. This pushes the itinerary much more likely to be arriving there earlier.

    As for no refunds if denied, that’s pretty common for all countries. And, yes, it sucks.

  2. says

    That’s the joy of immigration taxes it seems. Tax tax tax.

    Almost makes the airfare small in some respects…