UK Weather Warning Issued: Snow inbound

The blanket of snow which has been covering Europe is heading for the UK with some speed with the following warnings in effect from the Met Office:

Outbreaks of sleet and snow will spread from the west on Saturday morning. Accumulations of 2 to 5cm are likely, mainly on ground above 150m, with perhaps 10cm on roads above 300m. Snow will turn increasingly to rain on lower ground, before clearing from the west by evening. After dark falling temperatures will then lead to risk of widespread ice.

Other reports indicate up to 4″ (5-10cm) of snow is expected to fall over the UK during the weekend.

From the looks of the forecast, London will be tomorrow, but knowing the United Kingdom and the mass hysteria that breaks out when a flake of snow falls, my advice is simple:

If you have travel plans, double check them and have backup plans. And allow extra time to get to your destination.

Stay safe… and warm people!