4000th Boeing 737NG… delivered

Boeing has build and delivered it’s 4000th 737-NG series aircraft this week to China Southern Airlines.

Now, 4000 737-NG’s… that’s a lot of frames buzzing around the world in various different configurations (including the  -600 Series, -700, 700ER, -800, -900 and 900ER… and then there’s the militarised and business variants… )

The gap between 1000th, 2000th, 3000th and now the 4000th bird is shrinking as Boeing has increased production of 737’s to 42 planes a month.

The 737-NG series has won more than 6,600 orders. With the 4000th plane delivered, a backlog of over 2,600 orders exists. This is as Boeing ramps up development on the 737-MAX series.

The new 737-700 for China Southern will feature the new Boeing Sky Interior (787 and 777 inspired), configured in a 2 class configuration with seating for 126 passenger.

Image (c) The Boeing Company

Meanwhile, for 737 fans, there’s a lot of them out there to be found. Over 5,550 members of the 737 family operated by 358 airlines in 114 countries.


  1. James says

    According to Wikipedia, there are 1250 737s airborne (on average) any given moment