Current Tesco Clubcard Collection period ends on SATURDAY (5th May)

A quick heads up for those of you in the UK who collect Tesco Clubcard points –  the current collection period expires Saturday 5th May.

As most UK readers know, Clubcard points are useful things – especially as you can convert the Clubcard vouchers into Avios or Virgin Atlantic (as well as some other options).

Whilst there are no special offers on for conversion for Clubcard Vouchers to Avois/Clubcard to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club at this moment in time, it never hurts to stack up extra points as they do have a long expiry period.

Note the normal conversion rate for Avios is 600 Avios to £2.50 worth of Clubcard points. Virgin Atlantic Flying Club converts at 625 miles to £2.50 of Clubcard points – so if you’re short of a few Avios, this could be the perfect time to top up.

For those who fly and want to use their vouchers in other ways, you can also redeem you Clubcard Vouchers to:

  • £40 off Hilton hotels when you convert £10 of Tesco Clubcard vouchers
  • £15 of Monarch Airlines vouchers when you convert £10 of Tesco Clubcard vouchers
  • £20 of Train Travel Credits with RedSpottedHanky for £10 of ClubCard vouchers
  • And a whole heap more at

Value is where you see it. If you see value in Avois, Flying Club or even Red Spotted Hanky Vouchers that work for you, take the value and run with it…