An intresting Alitalia offer

Yes, I did promise a piece on Alitalia… and here it is

They seem to have a reasonable offer on, called “MultiBonus”, involving actual flying with up to 50% more miles per flight.

  • Fly from 4 to 7 flight segments: you get 15% more miles
  • Fly from 8 to 19 flight segments: you get 30% more miles
  • Fly over 20 flight segments: you get 50% more miles.

Offer runs until 31st December 2012.

If you’re doing a lot of Altiatlia flying (which isn’t difficult if you’re heading in and out of Italy – or doing domestic segments around Italy), this could be a useful boost to your mileage balance with.

For those of you on the new Rome to Abu Dhabi service, there’s also a class of service bonus for the first month. Service commences on 1st December, and the promo runs until 31st December

  • 1,500 miles for each flight in Classica – Economy Class (3,000 miles round trip);
  • 3,000 miles for each flight in Classica Plus – Premium Economy Class (6,000 miles round trip);
  • 6,000 miles for each flight in Magnifica – Business Class (12,000 miles round trip).

Whilst the Alitalia programme isn’t the most exciting one around (least of all, the programme keeps expiring, then coming back to life), there could be some interesting collection opportunities if you need to take advantage of them

Something else that is expiring later today is my Comments for Hurricane Sandy Dollars Drive. Sandy was a hell of a storm, and with each of your comments in a blog post, I’m aiming to get lots of commments so I can donate a lot of cash with other Boarding Area Bloggers.

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