Thank you for your support – Comments for Dollars for Sandy’s Victims.

Thank you all for your support during this drive. I know I’ve persistent over this, but it is a little cause I care about (least of all I managed to escape one day early before Sandy said hello to East Coast of the USA).

A total of 59 comments were received (minus 4 trackbacks) which was … well…  below my expectations (I’ve got my standard university grading kit here, and I’m grading this D- people), but  59 comments isbetter than a poke in the eye as some would say.

So 59 comments = $59.

But wait. There’s more! I’m going to DOUBLE that number – Why? – BECAUSE I CAN.

Therefore you comment instead of being worth a Dollar is now worth $2. That brings us to $118

That’s a weird number. I’ll throw in another few dollars for those who typed something in and forgot to press submit.

That brings us to a total of $120.

I’m following my own advice and those who commented in the piece by donating my $120 to the American Red Cross who can put this small amount to some use.

To those of you who headed my plea of spending 30 seconds of your life filling in a comments box to force me to put my hand in my pocket to do some good – THANK YOU.