Safety Video Saturday – United 747-400 – NEW VERSION.

It’s time to stow your tray tables, put your seat in the upright position and fasten your safety belt as we go to this week’s safety video.

I spotted this on Matthews blog at Live and Let’s fly… and thought this deserved a viewing here as… well – GhettoIFE seems to be the home of safety videos it seems 😉

This week, it’s United Airlines who have redone their safety video, and have seemed to chucked the person who did the elevator music version of Rhapsody in Blue out of the nearest emergency exit, and have hired a real orchestra do to the video.

And whilst it looks like this has been shot on a 787 or a Pre-Merger Continental Bird, it’s doing the job its meant to do, whilst evoking happy thoughts for pre-merger United flyers when they hear those notes by George Gershwin.

Thanks to Matthew for spotting this!!!


  1. Chaya says

    It’s weird that they have Thai flight attendance in the greetings of the video, but the last time I flew NRT-BKK-NRT, there were no Thai flight attendance onboard anymore.

  2. says

    Thanks for the shout out! I really like the video this time around, though I have to admit I never minded the elevator music either.