Lufthansa Business Class sale fares loaded

Lufthansa has loaded some reasonable Business Class fares for departures from the United Kingdom. Destinations and prices start as listed:

Abu Dhabi        £1,599
Addis Ababa      £1,499
Amman            £1,099
Bahrain          £1,699
Bangkok          £1,729
Beijing          £1,729
Beirut           £1,149
Busan            £1,799
Cairo              £999
Doha             £1,699
Dubai            £1,599
Ho Chi Minh City £1,859
Johannesburg     £1,899
Khartoum         £1,499
Kuala Lumpur     £1,859
Kuwait           £1,599
Lagos            £1,699
Nagoya           £2,129
Nanjing          £1,679
Osaka            £2,249
Qingdao          £1,679
Seoul            £1,799
Shenyang         £1,679
Singapore        £1,799
Tehran           £1,399
Tokyo            £2,199
Tel Aviv           £999

Price point data:
with a departure from London Heathrow. Departures also available from Aberdeen, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester

Whilst these prices look good on the outside, the devil is in the detail. The conditions for these tickets are a bit restrictive for those thinking these will make reasonable mileage run tickets:


You read that right: A 10 day minimum stay is required. So for those of you who like to visit a place for a few days only may be out of luck on this ticket. Those of you who have longer business trips, or are thinking about fares for a holiday could find this of use.

There’s also another stinger for Miles and More collectors (as well as anyone attempting to collect a decent amount of Star Alliance miles) – these book into the dreaded P Fare Bucket

P earns 100% mileage only on Miles and More (and may be worth less or more in other programmes).

They are reasonable fares – but use with caution – they’re no way what I’d call a mileage run fare in the least.

Thankfully, this might spark a fare war to certain destinations – it could be very well worth keeping your eyes open…