Lufthansa joins the Sharklet Club

Well it seems those aircraft with sharklets are appearing in more places now, with Lufthansa taking delivery of its first Airbus A320 with Sharklets.

Image – Lufthansa AG.

As regular readers know, a Sharklet is a wingtip device that is replacing the wingtip fence that has been seen on many an A319/A319/A320/A321/A380, with the aim of reducing fuel burn and increasing range, cutting it from 1% to 4% dependant on length and flight pattern.

Lufthansa will be taking delivery of 22 A320 equipped Sharklet airplanes by 2015, with plans to deploy them on the longer European routes that you see A320’s on.


  1. downhillcrasher says

    Its kinda funny to call them sharklets, I actually think the sharp little wing fences on the older A320s evoke a more shark-like feel than do the smooth ‘sharklets’.

  2. Jeremy McMillen says

    I wounder if Boeing Traded its winglets to Airbus for wingtip fences