FTA Awards: BMI wins a Special Recognition Award

Those of you with long memories will remember GhettoIFE’s home airline (before I switched to British Airways) of bmi  British Midland International, and the joy of BMI Diamond Club

Why was it so filled with joy? It had great value redemptions, it was easy to earn miles, easy to obtain and retain status and apart from the ICC, it had one of the first social media outlets on the Internet with a lurker on FlyerTalk.

Well the 2nd Annual FlyerTalk Awards have been announced  –  and there was a surprise for the old BMI hands…

Perhaps for me, bmi Diamond Club introduced me into the flying and points game…. but more importantly the people who do the flying and the community that was built from it.

Maybe that’s the biggest legacy of Diamond Club – the friendships made and knowledge that was shared.

Congratulations to the team – who are now scattered to the four winds for making bmi Diamond Club the great scheme it was.