Japan Airlines firms up 787 route relaunches

Japan Airlines is on track it seems with its 787 fleet testing as it confirms the routes that are to resume/commence on the 1st June.

In addition, JAL will have a second crack of launching the the Narita-Helsinki route due on the 1st July which was suspended initially due the the 787 grounding.

The Japan Airlines 787 route list looks like this:

From 1st June
– Tokyo Narita – Boston
– Tokyo Narita – San Diego
– Tokyo Narita – Singapore
– Tokyo Haneda – Singapore (specific flights)
– Tokyo Haneda – Peking

From 1st July
– Tokyo Narita – Helsinki

From 12th July
– Tokyo Narita – Dehli

From 1st September
– Tokyo Narita – Moscow DME
– Tokyo Haneda – San Francisco

From 1st December
– Tokyo Narita – Sydney

From 2nd December
– Tokyo Narita – Bangkok

As usual, check before you fly if a 787 is rostered to the route and times you wish to fly. Also note that substitutions may be made in the event of lack of aircraft.

For a lot of airlines, there is now a silver lining in the 787 cloud as airlines plot a return to service and start earning revenue – putting behind the events that lead to the 3 month grounding of the fleet.


  1. Stefan says

    It will be interesting to see what loads are like on these. I wonder if the general public really paid attention? I bet the airlines are hoping the summer season will make up the losses somewhat. At least JAL and ANA have taken measures above and beyond those of Boeing so one is more tempted to fly with them.