787 Update: Japan Airlines fleet modified, ANA has a few to be done, Deliveries resume

As airlines get ready to redeploy their 787’s, the two airlines who have the biggest fleets of the aircraft are reporting good progress.

Japan Airlines fleet of 787-8 aircraft have had the modifications installed on it, with the airline readying to recommence operations. Four of these aircraft have taken flight with no battery issues found.

Meanwhile All Nippon Airlines has had 11 of its 17 787-8’s fitted with the modifications with 6 aircraft to go. Again, test flights with the refitted aircraft indicate no battery issues.

ANA 787 at Tokyo Haneda Airport – Image GhettoIFE.com

Both airlines have been conducting familiarisation flights as well in the lead up period to when they recommence operations. Both airlines will be launching services from 1st June 2013.

The combined fleet Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airlines of 24 Boeing 787 Dreamliners  represents almost half of the commercial flying 787-8 fleet – with both airlines expecting big injections of 787’s over the next few years to replace existing aircraft.

For these airlines and Boeing – it’ll be a sign that things are returning to normal and a sign both airlines can begin to deploy their fleet into the air serving destinations, rather than sitting on the ground.
Meanwhile, Boeing has indicated that deliveries of 787-8 aircraft have recommenced, with the first delivery going to All Nippon Airlines. The aircraft has been refitted at the factory with the new battery systems.
Boeing says that it expects to achieve its target of delivering more than 60 Dreamliners this year.