Heathrow Rewards to come into existence… With free Wifi at Heathrow

It seems some sense has finally arrived at London Heathrow Airport, with FREE WiFi Internet Access coming to the airport.

Visitors to Heathrow will get 45 minutes of access for nothing. Those who are on the “New” Heathrow Rewards programme (the old BAA WorldPoints programme) will get double that – 90 minutes of WiFi access.

Access starts on the 1st June – Saturday, when the Heathrow Rewards programme launches.

Well, that’s been some years coming – WiFi in airports is becoming more a necessity than a luxury these days as the proliferation of smartphones continue, especially for those who are roaming onto UK Telephone networks.

For those of you who intend to be using Heahtrow Rewards, there are some changes – Head for Points has outlined these, but big one for most of us is that you can claim Rewards from 250 miles for airline conversions. In addition, points no longer expire providing there is use every 3 years.

Heathrow rewards supports conversions to British Airways Executive Club, Avios, Virgin Atlantic and Miles and More.

Could be useful if you’ve got some big spending plans at the Heathrow shopping mall.

The other big change? Heathrow Rewards supports Apple Passbook too. Well, that’s not big at all really.

The WiFi is going to be useful though for those who haven’t got access to a lounge (or try slurp Wifi from other sources…) as well as those waiting in the public spaces too.