Mmmmm! BAcon! Crowne Plaza Denver – Off to Denver and Beyond with Aer Lingus and British Airways

Mmmmm! BAcon! – Off to Denver and Beyond with Aer Lingus and British Airways
The Crowne Plaza, Denver Center.


As the BAcon came to an end – I found myself without a method of getting back to Denver. I was all ready to head to the Greyhound station. I did an ask around, and found that FlyGracefully was heading back to Denver.

Therefore I begged for a lift from FlyGracefully – which was kindly granted for the 70 mile trip to downtown Denver, where we spent time talking about trips, ideas, mad stuff and the traffic that seemed to be heaving on the roads out of Colorado Springs on a Sunday.

Closing in on Central Denver

Thanks to her wonderful driving, she dropped me off at the forecourt of the hotel for the night – the Crowne Plaza Denver Central

Crowne Plaza Denver, Central Denver
Booked Standard room, Upgraded to Corner Suite

I was welcomed to the hotel as I rolled my luggage in, and my credentials were all verified. I was informed that I would be upgraded to a corner suite on the 18th floor with a Mountain view, and also offered a free drink token and a welcome cookie. The wifi key was also given as well at this point



Business area

Some nice beanies there.

After rolling my luggage to the lifts, it was up to the 18th floor, and this is what I got.

Hallway to the room

Living area


TV and Work area

Bathroom and Amenities

Hallway bathroom

Fanned TP.

Ok – I could get lost in this suite quite easily. The suite was divide into a living area (with a sink in), a bedroom, bathroom and an extra toilet just off the hallway.

More than enough room to swing cats in.

However, that wasn’t the best part. Just take a look at this view.

More of this in a notch..

With that done and me settled in, it was time to go off to 16th Street where I needed to get various bits and bobs… dropping in and out of the hotel in the 25-30c heat. Well, I was having fun getting bit and bobs for my friends (and bits and bobs that I needed too)

I got back in the evening to watch the sun set.

Not bad at all (more at )

After that, I kicked back and sorted through the images I had taken so far, and relaxed with cartoons and bad telly. To be honest, this was what I needed for bit.

I decided to be a bit social and head downstairs to the bar for a drink as I was given a drinks voucher when I checked in. I let the barkeep select the beer… and I just drank and relaxed, listening to the locals.


Eventually, tiredness got the best of me, and I crashed out on the bed. It was nice and firm, with minimal roll in it. Not bad at all.

As morning came, it was Monday afternoon back in the real world, so I dialed into the office to find out what was going on, and did a couple of over the air fixes. At the point I could see, it looked strongly that I would be heading to work as opposed to be heading off to Ireland when I got back to the UK.

However, I wanted to spend some more time walking around Denver, so I logged off the laptop, packed up my trash and checked out. I also checked into the availability of shuttles back to Denver International Airport too. With that out-of-the-way, it was time to enjoy the rest of my walking around Denver

After dumping my luggage for the afternoon, I headed out to relax.

Overall: Not a bad property at all – a good location just off 16th street, whilst the staff looked after me and gave a great upgrade pushing me way beyond the mile high limit…

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  1. Justin says

    Looks like a glass of Fat Tire Amber Ale by New Belgium…Brewed up in Fort Collins about an hour north of Denver. Very popular brew!