ANA Rolls out Premium Economy Seating on the Haneda to Frankfurt route

For those who like 787s (as well as the convenience of Haneda Airport – which is a stone-throw away centre of Tokyo, there will be an seating option opening up on the ANA 787 route between the two cities.

ANA will be deploying a Three class 787 on the route (still with a comparatively low seat count):

– 46 Business Class Seats (1-2-1 in a staggered formation)
– 21 in Premium Economy (in 2-3-2)
– 102 in Economy Class (in 3-3-3)

This will mark ANA finally joining the “Nine across club” that most 787 Dreamliners have been configured in – part of airlines wanting to cram them in.

Flight operates as

NH203 DEPART HND 01:00  ARRIVE FRA 06:10
NH204 DEPART FRA 12:00  ARRIVE HND 06:25+1 

Booked Equipment ANA 787 Three Class International Seating 
Operates from: 1st September 2013

The new equipment will take over from the 1st September… and in a way, I’m sad that another airline has fallen to the charms of the 3-3-3 seating down the back of a Dreamliner. It’s going to be a tighter fit too as the 787 isn’t as wide as its older cousin – the Boeing 777.

However, ANA do operate a great service aboard this plane – especially if you’re in Business Class. Head to for my full in-depth review of ANA’s 787 in Business Class.