Bombardier CSeries Watch: Bombardier paint their first CSeries

The Bombardier CSeries FTV-1 has been out and about, conducting taxing tests, as the systems mature on the aircraft as it heads towards first flight.

In the mean time, Bombardier have finally dragged the their test plane (FTV-1) into the paint shop, and given it a rather nice coat of paint:

Images – Bombardier via

And to go along with it – a video

The Bombardier CSeries first flight is running a bit more behind now, but will initially feature two subclasses:

  • The CS100 – capable of holding 110 passengers
  • The CS300 – capable of holding 135 passengers

A total of 177 firm orders have been made, split between 63 CS100 and 114 CS300 aircraft.

Initial plans call for a 2 – 2 seating in a premium class, with 2-3 in economy seating.

Bombardier are still awaiting approval from Canadian Transport and Safety Authorities before conducting the first flight.