Big Plane! Heavy Plane! A Frankfurt Stopover

Big Plane! Heavy Plane! Short-Haul A380s with British Airways
A Frankfurt Stopover



Frankfurt Airport

As I wasn’t stopping in Germany very long, I decided to skip clearing immigration, and head straight to the lounge, relax a bit, then head to the duty-free to pick up some Goldbears.

Well, I am in Germany all, and they do taste a bit different (My coworkers note the taste of the German Harbio Goldbears is a bit stronger than the UK ones).

A sunny afternoon

I therefore found a lounge on my walking around – the Cathay Pacific Lounge… and thought it was a good idea to go in

Lounge stop: Cathay Pacific Lounge

I was welcomed into the lounge, and my Boarding Pass details were noted.

And as I went in… the term “Oh dear” came to mind. What a disappointment. From the high of T5F, straight down to earth with a rather bare lounge for both Cathay Business and First Passengers.

One part of the lounge.

The staff were welcoming at least – always a good thing.

Looking at the food options, that wasn’t overly impressive either… better than nothing though…

Cold snacks


Crisps and nuts

Alcohol on top

View of the main lounge area

Free WiFi was provided in the lounge – always a boon, whilst phone calls were discouraged to make it a quiet place.

(With not a great view admittedly).

If anything, the lounge felt contracted out like a Servisair lounge and not like a lounge of a leading airline.

I completed what admin I needed to carry out, and then headed back to the gate area. I missed one flight today – I was damned if I was going to miss another!

Passing along the way, I noted with a tinge of regret, that Frankfurt airport has gone cheap – and is charging for liquid bags now.

Cheap…. not what I’d expect Fraport. 

Flight listed – gate open!

Heading back to the gate area

Security is conducted at sets of gates at Frankfurt T2 – so I was processed through the business class line that seemed to crawl. The downside of this set up is that you can’t bring drinks into the gate area – rather you have to be held to ransom if you want liquid refreshment

Thankfully, the archway scanners – which are normally turned up to 11 when I pass through a German security checkpoint – didn’t beep, and I was let on my way.

This was on the side as I was heading to the gate:

So Heathrow has a Tardis, whilst Frankfurt has a rocket… There used to be a rocket that departed from Heathrow daily…

I took the opportunity to stock up on some Haribo for my friends as well in Duty Free, as actual boarding was soon to begin.

I spotted this sign that was put up, explaining that an Airbus A380 would operate this flight.

So at least a couple of customers might read it, whilst the rest go “ooooh”.

Boarding was called, and it was time to leave Germany.

Hidden behind the gate

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