Why I’m not jumping aboard the latest Hyatt offer…

A lot of my fellow bloggers have been going on about the customised offers they’ve been getting for stays in Hyatt Hotels. These promotions are targeted per account, with different accounts getting anything.

As a preface, I’m now a Hyatt nothing again after a few years of platinum, so I was expecting not a lot.

I got mine… and lets say whilst there’s a perfectly reasonable Hyatt around the corner where I live in Birmingham, I’m not hell-bent to go on a mattress run for the points… especially when its the value below:

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 13.58.17

Wow. 1000 point bonus on my next stay. I’m giddy with excitement. Not.

Please excuse the lack of excitement from me on this promotion. 1000 points isn’t enough to get me out of bed and over to the local Hyatt to take advantage of this offer…

We all find value in different programmes. Hyatt’s programme outside the USA makes it difficult to justify when there are other chains with other offers who have a better footprint than Hyatt.

Whilst I like GoldPoints (I’ve had some good value stays out of it when the hotel prices have been high, and the cash in the pocket is low), this isn’t enduring me to Hyatt at the moment (that and a lack of a co-branded credit card in the UK doesn’t help).


  1. Ven says

    I’m pretty sure there isn’t a single person out there who was ever considering doing a mattress run solely for 1000 bonus points.

  2. Heffa says

    For my one-night stays, this is much better than Hilton’s and Starwood’s double point promo. Also, 1000 Hyatt points are better than Hilton’s Q1 1000/night promo.