Blog Admin: I give in. You can now follow me on Twitter.

Ok. I give in. I've been resisting this, but I suppose I have too. As of today, you'll be able to follow me on Twitter at @GhettoIFE (!/GhettoIFE) This isn't the biggest change at towers however. There are some more changes that are in the pipleline... some very exciting ones from my point of view. I'll be making an announcement on … [Read more...]

The TSA opens a new line… in the war against Bloggers

It seems with bomb threats that the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security has something better to do - harass Bloggers and pump them for information. Both Christoper Elliot and Steven Frischling have had visits from TSA and DHS  "Homeland Security Special Agents", issuing subpoenas on disclosure of the actual source that these bloggers got their information from. In the … [Read more...]