A 7 Year old complaint.. and still true today….

I'm not going to write much on this, but http://twentytwowords.com/2012/04/13/amusingly-pissed-off-letter-to-continental-airlines-about-a-seat-by-the-lavatory/ provides some complaints that are still true if you're sat behind or near the small room on the plane. It maybe 7 years old - but it's still true today.... … [Read more...]

Airplane Repaint Saturday – Contiental “Peter Max”

It's Saturday again, so it must be time for a Airplane repaint. This week, it's Continental Airlines 777 getting the Peter Max once over. The livery was applied to  celebrate New York City 2000 World Capital of the Millennium. It was painted over sadly. And that grey, white, blue and a gold band does get... boring after all... … [Read more...]

The New United.com – Check your PNR’s/Get your new PNR’s…

Well with the dust that is settling on the switch to the new Continental style United Web site, I had a good look over it, and agree with a lot of moans. One thing to look out for which I haven't seen much of is that some PNR's have changed. In my example, I have some segments on United and Air Canada coming up on the same booking (booked on the olde United Airlines UK … [Read more...]

Airplane.. ummm p**n? Bloomberg take it to a WHOLE new level.

In the dim and distant past when my weekly Airplane Art section was known as Airpane p**n (yes, I'm self censoring myself... no, don't look at me like that). And I thought I was doing OK. Then Bloomberg comes out with this (c/o The Huffington Post) Hot 737 on 737 action there! (Even if the "old" United had given up running Classic 737's for a year or so). So … [Read more...]

United Economy Plus on all ex Continental Boeing 757-200’s.

Good news if you're trapped in a long pencil plane that's going over the pond or going trans-continental. United Airlines have confirmed they have rolled out Economy Plus seating on all it's ex Continental Boeing 757-200's. For those new to United, Economy Plus gives you more legroom in the Economy cabin with varying degrees of space - from a derisory 3" extra on a 747 to … [Read more...]

TRIP REPORT – Narrow Minds and Narrow Bodies – To Denver with United, Aer Lingus and FlyBe

Narrow Minds and Narrow Bodies - To Denver with the New United, Aer Lingus and FlyBe - BHX-DUB, DUB-EWR-LAX-DEN, DEN-SFO-EWR-BFS, BHD-BHX Or NOT ANOTHER BLEEDING BOEING 757!!! Hello dear readers. And welcome to my end of year trip. Why? For miles of course and to maintain status - so I don’t have to fly in January in a mad panic. Newbies, Welcome to the madness that … [Read more...]

UA: Lazy rebrand of the day

The ongoing merger of United and Continental goes apace with the annoucement that the airline has decided what it's going to do about it's lounges. On the United side, it was The Red Carpet Clubs, meanwhile on the Continental side, they're know as Presidents Clubs. So with those rich heritages, what do you think United is calling their clubs going forward? Have a good … [Read more...]

BFSEWR to escape APD?

Over in Northern Ireland, there is considerable debate going on regarding the United (Continental operated) service between Belfast International and Newark International Airport. The service operates daily with a Boeing 757-200 However, there are issues, least of which is the Air Passenger Duty (APD) of £60 if you're travelling Economy, £120 if you're going in … [Read more...]

Safety Video Saturday – Classic – Continental 767-400

It's Saturday, the end of the month almost so it's time to drag Larry Kellner back to see the now non-existent Continental Airlines to see what safety was like aboard a (now United) 767-400.... (Dear CO Fanbois. My blog, my rules. You've got your logo on United birds now... so just take this change you might like....) More next week! … [Read more...]

Baggage fees. Hint: They’re going up. Again.

Airlines and Shareholder love more income. Alas, they're targeting the consumer once again with more baggage rises. A quick overview (Note if you have some sort of Elite Status with the airline or alliance, it will probably reduce these costs to nothing): United First Bag:  $25 at the counter,  $23 online for a US Domestic Second Bag: $35  at the counter,  $32 online for a … [Read more...]