Airplane.. ummm p**n? Bloomberg take it to a WHOLE new level.

In the dim and distant past when my weekly Airplane Art section was known as Airpane p**n (yes, I'm self censoring myself... no, don't look at me like that). And I thought I was doing OK. Then Bloomberg comes out with this (c/o The Huffington Post) Hot 737 on 737 action there! (Even if the "old" United had given up running Classic 737's for a year or so). So … [Read more...]

Bad news: LOLCats are coming to GhettoIFE

It seems the Internet is powered and populated by Cats from what I've seen. And it seems this corner of the Interwebs will be invaded by LOLCats too. Quick primer - Take an image of a cat. Add a few funny or appropriate comments (Ideally in IMPACT font). Add childlike language. Boom. You can haz LOLCat! However, LOLCats have a lot to do with frequent flying. And over in … [Read more...]

FCO posts its latest “Odd requests for help”. May Induce Laughter…

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has released it's latest list of "Odd requests for assistance. And some of these are just comedy gold. Here's a few requests the poor people at the FCO have had to handle A telephone number for Phil Collins Phoning the Sydney Consulate to ask what clothes he should pack for his holiday Asking them to sell a house in Sofia A lady … [Read more...]