SAS to start an all business service Stavanger and Houston

Business Class only services are in an interesting proposition as they fill specific needs - for example the classic British Airways London City to New York service serves the needs of Canary Wharf and New York. The upcoming Qatar Airways service will operate at times convenient to business needs. It seems SAS is getting in on the action with a new service - between Stavanger … [Read more...]

SAS chooses A350XWB’s and A330’s for a fleet upgrade


The Airbus A350XWB has been getting a fair bit of interest - especially now it's show itself off since its first flight (and its 3rd flight took it past the Paris Air Show for a steal). This is now starting to pay off with SAS (Scandinavian Airline System) signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Airbus - that hopefully will translate into an order for Airbus. The order … [Read more...]

SAS to dispose of Wideroe

In an attempt to shore up cash, Scandinavian Airline Systems is to dispose most of its Wideroe unit. 80% of the shares are to be sold to a group of investors, with an option to sell the final 20% of Wideroe in 2016. For SAS it's the best of both worlds - it gets the cash from the sale, whilst maintaining links with Wideroe to provide regional services. The sale is valued … [Read more...]

SAS steps away from the brink – for now…

It seems that the final union that was holding out - the Danish Flight Attendants Union - has agreed to the savings plan which requires job cuts, longer hours and changes in operations to allow SAS to get extra funding. SAS have a long way to go even after they've secured extra money from creditors, with the sale of lots of bits of SAS: Aircraft … [Read more...]

SAS edges back from the brink – all bar 1 union agree to changes

An update on the state of SAS, with some good news, and some not so good news. The airline has now agreed changes with seven out of the eight unions representing employees in regards to wages cuts, working schedule changes and pensions. Only the cabin crew union of Denmark has yet to reach agreement with management. The airline needs to get agreement from all eight … [Read more...]

SAS on the brink – Still operating for now, watch for cancellations

It seems talks with Unions and SAS Management have continued overnight, with talks going beyond the deadline of yesterday. As you're all aware, SAS is trying to reorganise again, and needs buy-in from the unions to make the deep cuts it needs to survive, and there are parts of SAS that are preparing for shutdown - the most worrying example from Bloomberg should scare most … [Read more...]

SAS in trouble: Wideroe for sale…

It was well reported yesterday that SAS's future is bleak  with 6,000 jobs for the cut and a SEK3 Billion (or ~US$444 Million) costs savings plan. More details have emerged with the Norwegian regional airline - Wideroe now on the sale block too, along with SAS Ground Handling. SAS's CEO Rickard Gustafson says “We are facing a very serious situation. That is … [Read more...]

SAS prepares to throw in the towel on the CPH-BKK route

It seems that pressure from multiple angles has forced SAS to suspend its Copenhagen to Bangkok route. The route which has been running for over 63 years (and was SAS's first destination in Asia) will be suspended from 7th April 2013 due to an airline it mentored - Thai Airways International and "Gulf Airlines" - and SAS cannot compete. Thai Airways International offers … [Read more...]

Airplane Art – SAS Airbus A330-300

SAS - scandinavian airlines - A330-300

It's Sunday again, so it must be time for some airplane art. Today it's a SAS Airbus A330-300 parked up a Newark International Airport after completing its long journey from Oslo. More Airplane art of course next week! … [Read more...]

Airplane p0rn – SAS A340

Time for this week's airplane p0rn. And this is one taken on the ground in Downtown Seattle - about a block from the Space Needle - A SAS Airbus A340 climbing out and beginning its long flight back to Scandinavia. More Airplane p0rn next week! … [Read more...]