Someone comes up with a hell of a good argument with the TSA

I think most of us here aren't fans of the Transportation Security Administration (from my viewpoint, I've had some of my luggage luggage destroyed by them and repaired with TSA sealing tape more than once) Now some of us deal with them with sarcasm, entertainment, anger, disgust, "meh" and other methods (for example stripping at a checkpoint), but Matthew over at Live and … [Read more...]

Things that scare the TSA: Apple Awards


Adding to the list that make the TSA go a bit giddy are Futuristic design awards it seems. Juraj Hlaváč had won an Apple Designs Award at the recent Apple  World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco for the educational game called "Bobo Explores Light" developed by his company, Game Collage. The award itself is a small silver cube that glows from within akin to the … [Read more...]

Once again… one bad TSA staff member gives the entire lot a bad name (TSA Incident at PHL)

Once again, one apple spoils the entire TSA Crop - this time with a fake drugs incident at Philadelphia International. A TSA agent decided to play a joke on a passenger on a Rebecca Solomon as she was travelling back to college After pulling her laptop out, through the scanning machines, and walking through a detector, she went to collect her things and a TSA agent … [Read more...]

The TSA opens a new line… in the war against Bloggers

It seems with bomb threats that the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security has something better to do - harass Bloggers and pump them for information. Both Christoper Elliot and Steven Frischling have had visits from TSA and DHS  "Homeland Security Special Agents", issuing subpoenas on disclosure of the actual source that these bloggers got their information from. In the … [Read more...]

The continuing fallout of NW253 – IFE is back on … but…

Well with the massive changes happening, it seems that now this could hurt operators, with shares in Delta and AMR (American) dropping by about 4%, UAL (United) down 3.4% and US Airways down 6.7%, with fears that this incident will depress air travel further than it is at the moment, and that the extra costs of implementing security changes will affect the back pocket - let … [Read more...]

LOLCats on the TSA..

... Well someone has to do a good job... I mean to say what next - asking for manual scans of film may cause offence? ;) Source: … [Read more...]