Richard Branson becomes Air Asia X’s latest flight attendant…

It seems Virgin boss Richard Branson has finally settled a bet with Tony Fernandes of Air Asia over who’s F1 team would rank higher 2 and bit years ago.

And now we see the results.

Two words come to mind. Oh Dear.

Images – Richard Branson’s Blog –

Additional images (not for the faint hearted) are at the Daily Mail and video from the BBC.

Around RM600,000 (AUD$200,000) was raised for the charity flight which will go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation in Australia.

Oh dear. I know it’s for charity but still…. Oh dear.


  1. eponymous coward says

    Not the first time he’s been in drag as a promotional bit- I think he’s done this for some Virgin America stuff, too.

    • says

      If there’s one thing that Richard Branson is – he’s up for anything to promote the brand. This has… unexpected consequences….

      Especially when it comes to Richard Branson

  2. Cook says

    Only Sir Richard could pull this off, so why not? And he’s got the legs for the job. Hilarious – and all for a good cause as well.