On why I still make GhettoIFE systems…

GhettoIFE system based on iphone 5

Yes. I still make GhettoIFE systems. I'm guilty as charged. For those of you who are new to Economy Class and Beyond and are wondering what the heck is a GhettoIFE system, or why my iPhone is in a sickbag, grab some popcorn and a thought. A GhettoIFE system - put simply is a method of mounting a phone or small handheld device in a holder of some-sort that you can find on a … [Read more...]

Goodbye GhettoIFE… and Hello Economy Class and Beyond!


Time for a bit of blog admin - and something rather important. One of my readers noticed something I posted on Twitter I was at BAcon this year: Well @bigmalx.... it's a little more complex than that. Some back story. On the 15th May 2009, I fired up Blogger.com and created a blog. That blog is pretty much the one you've been reading today - GhettoIFE.com The Original … [Read more...]

Changes at GhettoIFE over the next few weeks

The Olde office desk.

Good afternoon on this Bank Holiday evening gentle reader. Thank you first for bearing with my bad typing, poor grammar over the past few months and years (I'm improving it one post at a time... try being dyslexic - doesn't help, even with all the spell checkers and grammar checkers in the world... it's even more fun when they argue amongst each other). Now, onto the matter … [Read more...]

The Rise of Bring Your Own IFE


Many moons ago, I starting making and writing about Sickbag based In-Flight Entertainment Systems - or what I called "GhettoIFE Systems". A 2014 GhettoIFE system aboard an Air France Airbus A319 - Image GhettoIFE. The idea being that I could bring entertainment that I wanted to watch inflight, as opposed to IFE that 1) I didn't want to watch or 2) didn't exist. When the … [Read more...]

And… we’re back in the room!


And... we're back in the room ladies and gentlemen. With a swathe of fellow bloggers, it's been fun and games this weekend - with some of us not being able to post. Well the bad news is the issue has been fixed, and I'm back to write lots of things that might be of some interest to you all. Such as this one! Like Lucky, I actually missed blogging this weekend, sharing … [Read more...]

After Sandy – Ways to help and get points… and a way to get me to help!

Sandy was a nasty heck of a storm (first hurricane and then a storm) - and its after effects will be around for a long time. I was almost stuck because of this storm, and only got out just in time before life in the Midwest got interesting (and it was troublesome enough - trust me). However, its left the North Eastern Corridor in one hell of a state, and be it donations … [Read more...]

GhettoIFE’s First Aniversary on Boarding Area Giveaway!

Well last week I eluded to a prize give-away - and I apologise it's a bit behind schedule. Call it the joy of work, the joy of typing and the fact that there has been an awful lot of news over the past few days. So lets re-cap - the 6th October represented the first anniversary of GhettoIFE on Boarding Area and I'm running a prize draw. Because I love all of you. And as … [Read more...]

Celebrating our first anniversary (At Boarding Area)… with a prize draw!


Today is the 6th October. For most of you, a completely unimportant day. For me, it's the day that GhettoIFE completed the move from Blogger and onto Boarding Area, and my first anniversary here. And nothing says "I love you my readers" than running a prize draw. And as usual, it's something you won't see every day. Well two things. I've got the following: 1st Draw … [Read more...]

Cathay Pacific considers removing IFE units to save fuel

In an interesting move, Cathay Pacific is considering the removal of seat-back in-flight entertainment systems from its entire fleet. Why? To save weight and fuel IFE Systems add between one to two tonnes of weight on-board a plane. That weight has to be carried around where the plane goes, so more fuel is required.  Multiply that over a fleet of planes, and the savings … [Read more...]

TRIP REPORT – A Smooch of Chicago and a Kiss of DC – with United – LHR-ORD-IAD-LHR

A Smooch of Chicago and a Kiss of DC - LHR-ORD-IAD-LHR with United Yes, it’s October. That means it’s time to decamp back to my favourite city to visit in the world - Chicago. And yes, that means I write lots about the usual things. So yes, settle dow for a mix of the the usual ramblings, iPhones in Sickbags, paint falling off planes, and general geeking. And if you thought … [Read more...]