UK Secretary of State for Transport: More Body Scanners to come

It seems the political leaders are drinking some sort of drink to believe everything, with the Secretary of State for Transport Justine Greening coming out and saying that more scanners should be deployed, a lack of opt-out (scanning to remain compulsory for those selected), and for scans that are conducted to be reviewed by machine, rather than by humans. It seems the UK … [Read more...]

Europe Bans Airport Body Scanners For “Health and Safety” Concerns

Here's a big news breaking from the European Union, Forbes and The Economist. And it's to do with Nude-o-scopes - or Backscatter/Millimetre Wave Scanners. And to be blunt - the European Union is not happy about them in the least. The big line from the release it is this: In order not to risk jeopardising citizens' health and safety, only security scanners which do not … [Read more...]

UK Goverment goes for MWW scanners… But do they work?

Well it sees the USA isn't the only country that can do kneejerk reactions.  The UK Has commenced a review of airport security, with the upshot of it being Millimetre Wave Scanners (MMW) being implemented in UK airports for deployment by end of January. How do they work? According to Wiki... Clothing and other organic materials are translucent in some extremely high … [Read more...]


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