Greetings from Chicago O’Hare C17 lounge

Three letters.  OMG. What a dump! And now the sorry excuse of a lounge at O'Hare. (Hmm. My Typo O'Hate - that seems to work too) TSA were as slovenly as normal as we played Security Theatre, and the film scanned by hand. I'm now on the bump list - so anything is possible … [Read more...]

Trip Report – Saying Goodbye to a friend – LHR-PHL with United

Saying Goodbye to a friend - Travelling for the wrong reasons. A United Experience - LHR-ORD-PHL-IAD-LHR For DW - Have fun up there! -- Previously... LHR-BRU-LHR... or "How do you burn a £50 BMI voucher without too much pain?" MAN-ORD (29/10 ... or Did Kevin Make it to ORDChicago, IL - O'Hare?) Kevin goes for a little mileage run on UA - ORD/CMH/IAD/EWR/ORD ORD-MAN … [Read more...]


Welcome to! I'm your host - Kevin - and I'll be here to guide you through the maze of modern travel, and hopefully add some insightful comment and humour. With GhettoIFE getting on for 2 years old, I've had a bit of a design refresh, and tidied up, so for older viewers who make it here - yes, it's the same content will all the usual sarcasm as always. As … [Read more...]

Trip Report – Long Haul Commute with United – LHR-IAD-ORD and Back

Long Haul Commuter Run with UA (LHR-IAD-ORD and back again) (Redux and Revisited) -- This trip report was originally posted on Flyertalk.  However as it's now come over to there have been some major changes - so even if you've visited this report before, have a read again.  This version of the report contains new images and a bit more commentary. --- By … [Read more...]