Loading Planes. With Science. You Monster.

I'm sure GLaDOS would be proud with the science that has been done by Jason Steffan and his new loading methodology which allegedly cuts loading time of a 757 with 72 passengers from 6 minutes 54 seconds to 3 minutes and 36 seconds. He proposes a method of loading where  boarding in alternate rows, window seats first, progressing from the rear forward: seats 12A, for … [Read more...]


Welcome to GhettoIFE.com! I'm your host - Kevin - and I'll be here to guide you through the maze of modern travel, and hopefully add some insightful comment and humour. With GhettoIFE getting on for 2 years old, I've had a bit of a design refresh, and tidied up, so for older viewers who make it here - yes, it's the same content will all the usual sarcasm as always. As … [Read more...]