Gogo ceases issuing fake certificates – and why it matters

Youtube working with the correct Google SSL Certificates

Note from Kevin: Parts of this article were first published on Runway Girl Network at http://www.runwaygirlnetwork.com/2015/01/13/gogo-no-longer-issuing-fake-google-ssl-certificates/. I encourage you to visit Runway Girl Network for unique analysis in the Passenger Experience field. For those of you who use Gogo in the air will notice that YouTube is accessible again (as I … [Read more...]

GoGo shapes traffic, creates personal security threat

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 05.12.04

In-Flight Connectivity is the future that's now according to a lot of people who love to be connected whilst at 10,000ft or above. However, The Register reports a disturbing note - that GoGo is creating and using "fake" Google Certificates, creating a "Man in the Middle" attack vector for those of you who browse online who are browsing videos and streaming sites. Man in the … [Read more...]

Idiot things to do at an airport: Have “badly named” Wifi Hotspots

Mostly Non-offensive Wifi Hotspot names

We all know that airports aren't a place to play silly games when it comes to security. Well, there's a new thing to be aware of when going through security and on your plane - and that's the name of your mobile phone hotspot. For example, the following names could be considered mostly non-offensive. Well - Kevin's iPhone5 could be offensive to Android users - but … [Read more...]

UK Airport Security stepped up over Electronics


By now, you're all aware that security at some airports on certain routes has been stepped up, with electronic devices being targeted as the next item that could be an unwelcome item in an airport. The UK Government has seemed to settled on its travel advice which states: Make sure your electronic devices are charged before you travel. If your device doesn’t switch on when … [Read more...]

Twitter User? Check your settings… #privacymatters

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 21.30.19

Let me start with off with the obvious - I love using Twitter. Apart from connecting with airlines, it allows me to keep up to date with incidents, as well has off-ball conversations (Because we talk about things that matter... like Kale, Coffee Wine, BMI, The Aer Lingus Buy on Board breakfast - the list goes on and on). Recently, Twitter rolled out an update to their iOS, … [Read more...]

Europe Bans Airport Body Scanners For “Health and Safety” Concerns

Here's a big news breaking from the European Union, Forbes and The Economist. And it's to do with Nude-o-scopes - or Backscatter/Millimetre Wave Scanners. And to be blunt - the European Union is not happy about them in the least. The big line from the release it is this: In order not to risk jeopardising citizens' health and safety, only security scanners which do not … [Read more...]

UK Paranoia hits a new high – Terror alert increased.

Well the UK has decided paranoia must rule again, and the Home Secretary - Alan Johnson has said  the UK terror threat level is being raised from "substantial" to "severe", Whilst no specific threat has been given in relation to the threat increase, The decision to raise the threat level was made by the UK's Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC). Mr Johnson says "We … [Read more...]

UK Goverment goes for MWW scanners… But do they work?

Well it sees the USA isn't the only country that can do kneejerk reactions.  The UK Has commenced a review of airport security, with the upshot of it being Millimetre Wave Scanners (MMW) being implemented in UK airports for deployment by end of January. How do they work? According to Wiki... Clothing and other organic materials are translucent in some extremely high … [Read more...]