The Last Push! Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport

The Last Push! The Final 700 Tier Points to BA Gold!
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport



With no luggage to claim, it was a reasonably quick exit of the plane, and to the kerb, where the smell of Jet1A was in the air… as were some very warm temperatures.

I headed over to a shuttle bus stop – and within 10 minutes, a bus turned up for the Marriot and the Hyatt Regency. Good stuff as they say.

Passing the wonderful international terminal

It was 49ers vs Seahawks weekend. We all know how that ended up. Or, in the words of Leonard Hoffman “Go Sports!”

The ride was around 15 minutes – dropping and picking up people at the Marriot, and then off to the Hyatt Regency San Francisco.

Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport
Rate Paid: 8000 Hyatt GoldPoints

I was welcomed to the hotel, and after checking my details; I was asked if I would like to walk, as they had a very nice Bay view window view available. I accepted. My room keys were issued. I was informed my Internet access would be free too. I was also offered a welcome amenity – a bottle of water. It’s not a lot, but it’s a very nice first impression.

Towards Reception


With that I hiked over to the elevators and then a short walk up and around the hotel. Whilst not a long walk, these atrium hotels do make you earn your rooms some days.

Choose your elevator – but choose wisely…

Corridors, Corridors…

Atrium at an angle.

Soon enough, I was at my room – and it was a pretty much standard Hyatt Regency Double-Double room – and that’s no bad thing in the least.


Work area

$4 a bottle. Umm. No.


This means there’s lots of room, and as I wanted to re-pack before heading downtown, this seemed as good place as any (also, time to shed the winter coat!)

The room itself was spacious, and was at a comfortable temperature. Lighting was sufficient… and the Hyatt bed was its usual glorious self – by which I mean it is extremely comfortable.

And I’ve got to admit, I’m happy so many of Hyatts are dropping the million of occasional cushions, and focusing on the basics.

You are here.

Looking at the bathroom – there was a proper bath! This was essential, after all the travel, my bones ached. The bathroom had the typical amenities (especially the new soaps and such that are exceedingly neutral and non offensive in any way).

I’m liking the modern lines here…

A Bath! Joy!

The WiFi seemed to be reasonably fast enough on the “Platinum members free” option, which was fast enough to do what I wanted to do.

TV was the usual selection – which suited me. In the past I used to watch CNN when I was in the states. These days, I’ve grown younger – and started to watch a lot of Cartoon Network – mainly as I don’t have to think when I watch it.

But eventually 17 hours of travel hit, and my body succumbed to the inevitable sleep.

Nighttime over The Bay

Waking up, I had a perfect view of the bay… and a sunrise over the Bay area. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

As a mere plat, I didn’t have breakfast privileges or the such, and that didn’t bother me in the least to be honest. I took the time to wake up slowly and to admin that I needed to do, as well as repack the bag (as the winter coat that I travelled with now would be packed away until Monday Morning), and thus I split my bags at this point, with a 3rd bag that had been hiding in the small rucksack coming out and into play – allowing a decent place to dump clothes and such for the trip to downtown San Francisco.

All done!
With everything ready, I prepared to switch hotel. After a short hike (past a well lit atrium), I found the elevators

I headed to reception and after seeing that a certain Japanese airline crew (not that one, the other one) were finishing checking in, I checked out.

Crew checking in.

As there were no further charges on the account, I was thanked for my custom, and wished a pleasant onward journey

Loading up the van…

Overall: If there a hotel that’s given me a bit more confidence in the Hyatt brand, this hotel is it. All requests were handled quickly and politely, with the room type met (something the Hyatt Regency O’Hare failed in quite badly), with a bath and friendly customer service. All these things are good. I just wish the Hyatt Regency O’Hare team could take a look at this hotel as an example and see what good to copy from it.

Next up: Into San Francisco, The Intercontinental Mark Hopkins

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  1. Ti says

    Was there this weekend. Felt it was not up to Hyatt standards. Not even up to par with a Hyatt Place. More like a Hilton.

  2. Jbelkin says

    BTW, in the US, the sidewalk curb is spelled like all other uses of the word curb.