The Last Push! Across the Golden Gate Bridge

The Last Push! The Final 700 Tier Points to BA Gold!
Across the Golden Gate Bridge (and back).



One of the things I’ve been meaning to do on my trips to San Francisco is to physically cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Why? Because it’s there.

So, bright and early Saturday morning (well not THAT early – Pokemon XY was premièring on Cartoon Network), I packed a light bag, and headed off.

Looking at the public transport maps, it would be convoluted to get there. So, I did the cable car up to Van Ness Avenue, a bus up towards Lombard Street. Of course, I was out of range of internet connectivity and therefore decided to walk and try to find a bus stop on Lombard. Which I did eventually… after a 20 minute walk.

No matter. Eventually a 28 for Daly City came around, which if my maps were right would take me near enough to the Golden Gate visitors centre. And lo and behold, it did.

Closing in

Here we are!

Well, with the bridge nearby, I steeled myself and begun walking. Now whilst most people make it to the first pier and then turn around, I was hell bent on crossing the entire thing. Because it seemed like a good idea at the time..

Must stop having good ideas. Seriously.

So, I put one step infont of the other and begun walking.

Darn straight. The only way is forward – there is no turning back!

First span!

Passing the first span, the amount of people thinned out considerably. Whilst the road traffic was ever rumbling, the people traffic went down a lot.

Even Marine traffic was in full flow.

2nd Span!

Eventually, I made it to Vista Point and took a break.. and the views in

I bet they weren’t happy about the next day…

Now, I was planning to get a bus back, but it was only tourist buses back across, requiring $20 or so… and to be blunt, I wasn’t going to pay that just for 1 and 3/4 miles.

I decided to do the only thing I could do – and cross over back over by foot. Trust me, it felt more than 1 3/4 miles  on the way back. A lot more… 

Love lockets

Getting busier – back to the crowds


…. and done.

Trust me, I caught the 28 back towards the city, and swapped to the 30 for the journey back into the city. Put it like this… I wasn’t in the mood to walk.

Though I did that a bit later as I headed onwards. Although that’s not a story for PrimeTime GhettoIFE. Maybe an after dark story if you want to ask nicely enough 😉 …

Next: Crowne Plaza San Francisco Airport.

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    • says

      Sadly, going from San Fran back to Brum was akin to a very hard landing.

      Then there’s my daily joy of West Bromwich. I mean. West Bromwich…..

  1. DaninSTL says

    As a runner I’ve always wanted to run across the Golden Gate but it’s still on my bucket list.

    Depending on the source you listen to they say about 1,600 people have jumped from the bridge since it was built and another 80 per year are talked off the bridge attempting to jump. It’s the number one “suicide bridge” in the world.

  2. MDR says

    Did you give any thought to renting a bike? A popular circle trip is to bike over the GG bridge to Sausalito and take the ferry back to SF.

    • says

      A great idea in theory….. If I knew how to ride a bike :( (trust me – I’ve tried to learn – and failed every time…) a lack of balance doesn’t help….

    • says

      I’ll have to write it elsewhere (as the content is much more grown up than I would get away with it here). I’ll post it in a few days time with a slightly different blog name 😉